Dressage Saddles

Hulsebos Saddlery is proud to offer a variety of dressage saddles. Whether you prefer a specific model or prefer to design your own, we are here to meet your needs!

We offer the following models of dressage saddles:
  • Dressage Close Contact
  • WB3
  • WB4
  • Dynamic Dressage 3
  • Dynamic Dressage 4
  • Ultimate II
  • Grand Prix
  • Para Equine

Dressage CC

The DRCC model is the ultimate close contact saddle! The strongest feature of this saddle is that the rider can be very close to and follow the horse's movement. By combining the close contract tree and the design of the seat, skirt, and flap, the rider will have contact with the horse. In addition, it helps the rider stabilize and stretch the legs, allowing the rider to keep a straighter, longer leg position. On average, the rider will be able to lengthen the stirrups one hole in comparison to other saddles. The design of the panel ensures the saddle follows the shape of the back, allowing the horse optimal freedom for bending. The lowest point of the saddle is in the middle of the saddle.


The WB3 model has a deep seat and the lowest point of the saddle lies more at the front. Riders with a tendency to sit in a chair position will sit straighter and more upright in this saddle. This is a suitable saddle for horses with a short back. This saddle is also perfect for a younger rider because the saddle has a more narrow twist and waist, there is less pressure on the hip joint of the rider. This saddle also provides additional support for riders still learning to have an independent seat. We have also seen success with the use of this type of saddle in horses with kissing spines.


The WB4 has a deep seat with the lowest point of the saddle more towards the back of the saddle. This type of saddle is frequently used on horses that are long-backed, built downhill, or have a very straight shoulder. This model reduces the pressure on the shoulder and makes it easier for the rider to ask the horse to come more forward with the hind legs. It is also an appropriate saddle for large horses.


Dynamic Dressage 3

The Dynamic Dressage 3 is characterized by a square cantle and knee rolls without stitching. The square cantle ensures a flat seat which allows the rider more freedom in the seat. This saddle has the center of gravity towards the front. It is convenient for Baroque horses because a saddle with a deep seat is not always properly balanced on horses with very round rib cages and flat withers. The pony version of this model ensures that the saddle will not move much on the horse. This is also popular for young horses and eventing riders.

Dynamic Dressage 4

The Dynamic Dressage 4 is also characterized with a square cantle and knee rolls without stitching. It has a square cantle with a flatter seat which enables more freedom of the seat. It is most suitable for horses that are built downhill or horses that have a straight shoulder. It allows the horse to walk more uphill. The center of gravity is further back. It is a popular saddle for Icelanders and Arabians, but not very suitable for Baroque horses.

Ultimate II

This saddle is appropriate for riders with an independent seat. This model has a flat seat and the center of gravity lies in the middle of the saddle. It is comparable to the Dynamic Dressage 3, but with a flatter seat. This type of saddle is often used for endurance.

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is an exclusive version of different types of saddles. This is a fully customized model that will be designed during consultations with the rider and therefore, will carry your name! Every aspect of this saddle will be custom designed and made by hand according to the rider's specifications. From customizing the knee rolls to stitching your initials in the flap, the possibilities are endless! You can also choose to have a matching bridle and girth customized to the same specifications.


Para Equine

Hulsebos Saddlery is proud to customize saddles for para-equestrians. Our opportunities are extensive and we look forward to working with you to design the specific adjustments you need. Just give us a call!