At Hulsebos Saddlery, we believe that not every saddle is appropriate for every horse and rider. The saddle must always be fitted and customized to the horse and rider in order to achieve the optimal fit and comfort. Our models include specifications that can be customized to each individual horse and rider. To guarantee the quality of our saddles, every saddle is tested on horseback by a professional rider.

All of our saddles are unique! As mentioned in the Craftsmanship Section, there are endless possibilities for customization:
  • Leather types
  • Leather colours
  • Panel types
  • Billet lengths
  • Cantle shape
  • Seat depths
  • Flap lengths
  • Knee roll types
  • Weltline colours
It is up to the customer's imagination - if you can think of it, then we can build it!

Hulsebos Saddlery offers the following types of saddles: